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Secure Medication Delivery with Total Accountability and Control

The Colombo Direct is a hospital wide Medication Delivery System designed and dedicated to the specific needs of Pharmacy. Configured to separate pharmacy items from bio-hazard materials, it creates a new paradigm for Pneumatic Tube Systems in Healthcare. Dedicated systems are configured to provide immediate repeatable and reliable turnaround times for the delivery of all medications and controlled substances to an authorized recipient. Automated carrier retrieval assures total Pharmacy control if the medications are not picked up within a specified time. The list of authorized users can be managed from a web page on the hospital network, or automatically synchronized with an existing system that already contains the authorization. Designed to keep pace with changing Regulations for Security, Accountability, and Patient Safety, Colombo Direct Pharmacy Delivery Systems are easily deployed in facilities with existing tube systems. It is the most Expandable & Adaptable Technology of any tube system on the market.

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