Zip Pneumatics, Inc.

Touch Screen Pneumatic Tube Systems for the Healthcare Industry

Category: Pneumatic Tube Technology

For 45 years Zip Pneumatics, Inc. has provided pneumatic transport solutions for the healthcare industry. Our systems safely and efficiently transport your medications, samples and blood throughout the facility. Available features include Delivery Verification; Touch Screens for simple, intuitive user interface; Soft Delivery for the safe transport of even the most delicate items; Secured Item Delivery to allow for controlled substances and any other important items; Critical Messaging for receiving texts, emails, or pages regarding critical system issues; and many more features you can check out on our web site. Zip Pneumatics, Inc. controls the complete process, from the design and installation to training and service, so you can be confident your facility is getting the highest quality system on the market. We can customize station size and shape to fit your exact needs and we can upgrade your current system or install a new system in your existing or new facility. No matter what stage of the process you’re in, we can help.

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