Improving the business of primary care

Category: Patient Engagement Systems

Engaged Patients. Healthy Outcomes.

Providers Praise
Facing unprecedented financial and competitive pressure, physicians are feeling the squeeze. By extending the office visit, activating your patients, and leveraging a unique partnership model, konciergeMD alleviates this pressure and enables you to not only improve outcomes but also your top and bottom line.

Administrators Applaud
At long last, life in the primary care practice is simpler. With konciergeMD, practice administrators can enjoy the simple pleasures of fewer phone calls and less phone tag, less paperwork, lower receivables, and most importantly, much happier and better informed patients and caregivers.

Customers Cherish
Your practice is a business, and yes, your patients and their caregivers are your customers. Today, these customers not only expect but demand convenience and simplicity. Delighted by the user experience of konciergeMD, not only will your customers be satisfied but they will adore you!

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