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Lipoderm Transdermals from PCCA Logo

Lipoderm Transdermals from PCCA

Differentiate Your Practice with the Only Transdermal Proven to Deliver Four Drugs at Once

Maximize your competitive advantage with the Lipoderm family of transdermals. Proven to consistently outperform the competition, patients can potentially reduce common side effects of some drugs by using the transdermal route, which also may improve patient compliance, due to better “palatability.” Four formulations are available to better match your patients’ needs: Lipoderm is a hypoallergenic, elegant alternative to traditional PLO gels that contains a proprietary component that increases the permeation of a variety of actives. Lipoderm ActiveMax™ improves the active ingredient-carrying capacity of Lipoderm, allowing pharmacists to use higher percentages of single active ingredients to reduce the amount of cream needed by patients. Anhydrous Lipoderm is designed for use with actives that are unstable in water. Lipoderm HMW™ (High Molecular Weight) has been proven to deliver drugs with high molecular weights through the skin. For more information about the most studied transdermal in the industry, visit

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