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Interactive Patient Care

GetWellNetwork has been the leading Interactive Patient Care provider for over 10 years. Our dedication to the patient and family experience is the driving force behind our success. 

GetWellNetwork has developed an innovative care model with patient engagement as a core strategy for performance improvement. Interactive Patient Care (IPC) combines the tools, process and people to activate patients in their care, transform clinical practice and advance key performance measures.

It’s working. Evidence-based data demonstrates that IPC is dramatically improving patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and financial performance — from significant increases in HCAHPS to reductions in 30-day readmissions and average length of stay.

With the need to activate patients across diverse care settings — inpatient, ambulatory and home — GetWellNetwork expands the possibilities of personalized engagement to address each challenge. We help organizations deliver the right intervention to the right patient at the right time, aligning accountable and transformative care anywhere.

Founded by a patient, GetWellNetwork helps health care providers engage patients and their families in any setting. Delivered on mobile devices, PCs and TVs, our patient-centered platform enables providers to implement an Interactive Patient Care™ (IPC) delivery model, which empowers patients to participate in their care and leads to better outcomes.

We combine the people, processes and technology to activate patients, transform clinical practice and advance key performance measures. Evidence-based data demonstrates that our clients are using IPC to dramatically improve patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and financial results.

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