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Success Of A Polypill With Cocktail Of Heart Meds Made Headlines, But Will U.S. Doctors Actually Embrace It?

Sep 20, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
The drug--which contains low doses of three blood pressure drugs and a cholesterol drug--has been tested in the United States for the first time. But many U.S. doctors have seen little need for the polypill, preferring to tailor medications...
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15 Upcoming Business-Changing Tech Trends (And How To Prepare For Them)

Sep 17, 2019 , Forbes
The way employees work today is entirely different from the last generation -- and the evolution of business technology does not seem to be slowing down any time soon. Check out these business-changing tech trends on the...
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'I was non-stop Juuling up a storm': 10 college students on their vaping addictions

Sep 16, 2019 , CNN Health
The conversations -- all with college students between 18 and 21 -- give anecdotal looks into how the nicotine-addicted are dealing with what officials have called a public health crisis....
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FDA finds low levels of cancer-linked impurity in common heartburn drugs

Sep 14, 2019 , CNN Health
The US Food and Drug Administration said on Friday that it has learned that some heartburn medicines -- including Zantac -- contain low levels of a nitrosamine impurity known as N-nitrosodimethylamine or NDMA, which is a "probable human carcinogen."...
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High schools embrace 'vape detectors' in fight against bathroom vaping

Sep 13, 2019 , CNN Health
The sensor devices, which resembled smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, can detect vaping in places such as bathrooms or closets -- the kind of places where kids have tried to smoke for decades....
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High schoolers who don't date are less depressed than their counterparts who do, study says

Sep 12, 2019 , CNN Health
Dating is a normal part of adolescence -- and a formative one at that. Decades of research have suggested a link between romantic relationships and identity development as teenagers mature into young adults....
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EPA to Phase Out Chemical Testing on Mammals

Sep 12, 2019 , WebMD
The EPA has long required that new chemicals be tested on a variety of animals -- including rats, dogs, birds and fish -- to assess their toxicity. The percentage of tests that involve mammals was not immediately available from the...
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Daytime naps once or twice a week may be linked to a healthy heart, researchers say

Sep 11, 2019 , CNN Health
Some good news for nap fanatics -- a new study has found that a daytime nap taken once or twice a week could lower the risk of heart attacks or strokes....
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The average crowdfunding campaign for cancer care asks for $20,000 -- but only gets about $5,000

Sep 10, 2019 , CNN Health
The cost of cancer treatment has gotten so high that patients and their families are turning to crowdfunding websites, like GoFundMe. But a new study found that cancer patients raising money on GoFundMe are only reaching a quarter of their goal on average....
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High Healthcare Costs -- Are Insurance Premiums a Cause or an Effect?

Sep 07, 2019 , Forbes
In 2010, the state of Rhode Island decided to tackle high healthcare costs. It did so by requiring insurers to meet affordability standards. The plan worked, but not for the reasons you probably suspect. Let’s see what that means for healthcare...
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Despite cooler temperatures, new cases of a potentially fatal mosquito virus were confirmed in Massachusetts

Sep 07, 2019 , CNN Health
The Massachusetts Department of Health announced two new cases of Eastern equine encephalitis -- more often known by the acronym EEE -- have been confirmed on Friday....
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Senate Medicare Drug Pricing Plan Wouldn’t Help Majority Of Patients But It Would Offer A Lot Of Relief To Those Who Need It Most

Sep 06, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
A new study finds that the plan--which would cap out-of-pocket spending for Medicare beneficiaries at $3,100--would help those who rack up astronomical bills while not significantly hurting those who have moderate ones....
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Over 1,000 Cases of Salmonella from Live Poultry

Sep 06, 2019 , WebMD
A CDC advisory said 235 cases have been reported since July 19 and 175 people have been hospitalized. Two people have died in the outbreak -- one in Ohio and one in...
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Back to work blues you're feeling are real, and treatable

Sep 04, 2019 , CNN Health
The #backtoworkblues or a "post-vacation hangover" is real, but there is a scientifically proven way feel better -- promise....
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Once Again Soda Tied to Higher Risk of Early Death

Sep 04, 2019 , WebMD
This study isn't the first to find a connection between soda and bad health outcomes. Two recent studies -- one from BMJ and the other in Circulation -- linked drinking soda to cancer and deaths from heart...
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Alex Trebek Back On 'Jeopardy!' After Chemotherapy

Aug 31, 2019 , WebMD
Long-time "Jeopardy!" host Alex Trebek has finished chemotherapy -- aimed at beating back pancreatic cancer -- and is returning to host the popular game...
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Amid Fight Over Medicaid Contracts, Louisiana Issues Emergency Orders So Coverage Isn’t Disrupted

Aug 31, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
The new round of Medicaid contracts--worth several billion dollars--was blocked by Louisiana's state procurement office on Wednesday. The dust up over the new contracts has intensified since the health department announced its new picks for the lucrative Medicaid managed care work, in early August. Other Medicaid news comes out of Virginia and Idaho....
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Even Age 80 Is Not Too Late to Begin Exercising

Aug 31, 2019 , WebMD
A new study found that men in their 70s and 80s who had never followed an exercise regimen could build muscle mass as well as "master athletes" -- those of the same age who had worked out throughout their lives and still competed at the top levels of their...
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Deaths from heart disease and these other conditions are on the rise, research suggests

Aug 30, 2019 , CNN Health
Death rates in the United States due to cardiometabolic diseases -- heart disease, stroke, diabetes and high blood pressure -- have either plateaued or climbed in recent years, new research reveals....
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Philip Morris, Altria’s Possible Merger Could Allow The Tobacco Giants To Dominate International E-Cigarette Market

Aug 29, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Philip Morris and Altria Group may reunite after more than 10 years. The merger has the potential to super-charge efforts by Juul -- which Atria has a stake in -- to expand overseas, bolstered by the global marketing power of Philip Morris....
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