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China cracks down on illegal hog slaughtering to contain African swine fever

Dec 19, 2018 , Reuters
China has launched a campaign to crack down on illegal hog slaughtering, and build more large-scale slaughterhouses, to control the spread of deadly African swine fever, the country's agriculture ministry said on Tuesday....
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China confirms new African swine fever cases in Sichuan, Heilongjiang

Dec 17, 2018 , Reuters
China confirmed two new cases of African swine fever, as the disease continues to spread through the world's largest hog herd, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said late on Sunday in a statement on its website....
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China reports new African swine fever outbreaks in Sichuan, Qinghai provinces

Dec 13, 2018 , Reuters
China's agriculture ministry said on Wednesday two new African swine fever outbreaks were confirmed in Sichuan and Qinghai provinces....
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China bans raising pigs in wild boar areas to block swine fever

Dec 11, 2018 , Reuters
China's agriculture ministry said on Monday it will ban pig farming in areas inhabited by wild boars to prevent the spread of highly contagious African swine fever....
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China reports new African swine fever outbreaks in Shaanxi, Guizhou provinces

Dec 10, 2018 , Reuters
China's agriculture ministry said on Monday two new African swine fever outbreaks were reported in Shaanxi and Guizhou provinces....
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South Africa's Tiger Brands reopens meat plant after listeria outbreak

Dec 07, 2018 , Reuters
South African authorities have given food maker Tiger Brands permission to re-open a factory closed after the world's biggest listeria outbreak was traced to one of its facilities, the company said on Thursday....
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China reports more African swine fever outbreaks in Beijing, Sichuan, Shaanxi

Dec 06, 2018 , Reuters
More African swine fever cases have been detected in the capital Beijing as well as in the provinces of Sichuan and Shaanxi, the agricultural ministry said on Wednesday....
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Vietnam steps up measures to prevent African swine fever

Dec 06, 2018 , Reuters
Vietnamese authorities on Wednesday conducted drills to prevent the spread of African swine fever should there be an outbreak of the disease in the country, as the risks of transmission from neighboring China increase....
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South Africa court paves way for class action against Tiger Brands

Dec 04, 2018 , Reuters
A South African court on Monday granted a class action certificate to victims of listeriosis, paving the way for them to claim against Tiger Brands after the world's largest ever outbreak claimed more than 200 lives in the country....
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Drug Could Be An Inexpensive Life Saver For Millions Of African Children With Sickle-Cell Disease

Dec 04, 2018 , Kaiser Health News
There is currently no treatment for sickle-cell disease in Africa. While more research needs to be done on hydroxyurea, a drug invented to fight blood cancers, early tests show the inexpensive, easy-to-give pill is safe. In other international health news, researchers say progress is slowing on eradicating...
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Sickle Cell Anemia Treatment Safely Lowers Disease Burden In African Children

Dec 04, 2018 , NewsLine - Healthcare Professionals
A daily hydroxyurea pill may finally bring some relief for young children living with the painful and deadly blood disease sickle cell anemia (SCA) in resource-challenged sub-Saharan Africa, where the disease is prevalent and health care availability is suboptimal. This is what a large multinationa......
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Church Program Helps African-Americans Improve Blood Pressure Control

Dec 01, 2018 , CardioSmart
Health programming delivered in New York City churches shows promise for black adults with high blood...
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China mulls stockpiling pork to support farmers hit by swine fever

Nov 30, 2018 , Reuters
China may soon buy pork for its state reserves to support farmers struggling to sell their pigs amid an African swine fever epidemic that has ravaged the nation's hog herd, according to people who attended a government meeting this week....
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South Africa's Aspen launches three-in-one HIV drug

Nov 27, 2018 , Reuters
South African drugmaker Aspen Pharmacare on Monday launched a triple-combination tablet for the treatment of HIV in the country where the virus is most prevalent....
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Mobile Health Has Power To Transform HIV/AIDS Nursing

Nov 27, 2018 , NewsLine - Healthcare Professionals
The abundance of personal smartphones in southern African countries got University of Washington professor Sarah Gimbel thinking: What if these phones were used by front-line health workers — namely nurses — to collect and analyze data on patients living with HIV or AIDS to improve their care? Gimb......
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China's Xiamen Airlines puts pork back on the menu after swine fever 'misunderstanding'

Nov 26, 2018 , Reuters
China's Xiamen Airlines has reversed a short-lived ban and resumed serving pork on flights after a "misunderstanding" about the measures being taken to tackle African swine fever, the deadly disease sweeping China's pig herd....
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China's Xiamen airlines to stop serving pork on flights due to African swine fever

Nov 24, 2018 , Reuters
China's Xiamen airlines said it would stop serving pork on flights from Nov. 24 due to African swine fever outbreaks, CAAC News, a publication run by China's aviation regulator, reported on Friday....
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China confirms African swine fever outbreak in Inner Mongolia region

Nov 24, 2018 , Reuters
China's agriculture ministry said on Friday it has confirmed an African swine fever outbreak in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region....
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China worries about hog supply as African swine fever reaches Beijing

Nov 24, 2018 , Reuters
China will adjust its rules on controlling the spread of African swine fever to keep pork supplies stable, said an official on Friday, even as the country reported the first cases of the disease to be discovered in its capital....
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China reports first African swine fever outbreak in Beijing

Nov 23, 2018 , Reuters
China's agriculture ministry said on Friday it has confirmed African swine fever on two farms in Beijing, the first cases in the Chinese capital....
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