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‘We Have All These Kids Who Are In Survival Mode’: Elementary Schools Adjust To Accommodate Generation Born Into Opioid Epidemic

Jun 14, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
In towns hit hardest by the opioid epidemic, elementary schools are in many ways on the front lines of the crisis. “My preschool teachers just started screaming, ‘We have these kids, their behavior is off the wall and none of the traditional measures are working,’” said Marin Applegate, a psychologist for an Ohio school district. Meanwhile, a look at why Nebraska's attorney general hasn't joined in the legion of others suing Purdue...
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Medicare Advantage plans accelerating their move into SDOH, advocate says

Jun 13, 2019 , Healthcare Business News
Medicare health plans have increasing authority to grapple with the social determinants of health, and more are pursuing such...
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‘The Height Of Contradiction’: LA Officials Grapple With Steep Rise In Homelessness Despite Ample Funding To Fight Crisis

Jun 08, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
“It’s like cold water being thrown in one’s face after all this good work,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, co-chairman of a statewide homeless task force. Other cities in the state also saw increases. California ranks No. 1 in the nation with its homeless population of...
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Apple Watch Adding Menstrual Cycle Tracker

Jun 06, 2019 , MedicineNet
Title: Apple Watch Adding Menstrual Cycle TrackerCategory: Health NewsCreated: 6/5/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 6/5/2019 12:00:00...
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Pep Talk expands retail footprint

Jun 05, 2019 , Drug Store News - Retail
Pep Talk beverages are available in four flavors — pineapple coconut, tangerine blackberry, lemon lime, and pink grapefruit. Read More...
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Cardon Children's Medical Center

Menstrual cycle tracking will be added to the Apple Watch

Jun 05, 2019 , CNN Health
Apple announced Monday that a menstrual cycle tracker will be one of the new features on the Apple Watch....
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Apple Watch will be able to track menstrual cycles and warn about loud noise and hearing loss

Jun 04, 2019 , CNBC Health
Apple unveiled period tracking and health hearing apps, among other health-related updates, Monday at the company's annual developers...
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Who Are The Winners And Losers From Today's Apple WWDC Announcement?

Jun 04, 2019 , Forbes
Are you on the winners or losers list from Apple's WWDC...
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Apple announces hearing protection, period tracking, activity trends features on Watch OS6

Jun 04, 2019 (Laura Lovett), Mobile Health News
Today at WWCD, Apple unveiled a new feature that will alert WatchOS6 users if environmental noise or smart technology audio is too...
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Apple acquires asthma monitoring startup Tueo Health

May 29, 2019 (Dave Muoio), Mobile Health News
The small respiratory health company was the original owner of a passive health monitoring patent obtained by Apple earlier this...
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Apple bought a start-up that was working on monitoring asthma in children

May 25, 2019 , CNBC Health
Apple bought Tueo Health, which was developing tech to help parents monitor asthma symptoms in children, using a mobile app and commercial breathing...
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Health Canada approves Apple Watch ECG, public health groups warn of tobacco's guerrilla social media ads and more digital health news briefs

May 23, 2019 (Dave Muoio), Mobile Health News
Also: HoloLens may affect surgeon's precision dexterity; Backpack Health integrates...
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Apple Watch app for nightmare disorder receives FDA breakthrough designation, opens enrollment for two RCTs

May 22, 2019 (Dave Muoio), Mobile Health News
To see light as a prescription digital therapeutic for PTSD patients affected by nightmares, NightWare is testing its app among veterans and the general...
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We need to resolve ethics of CRISPR technology as China awaits third genetically modified baby

May 22, 2019 , CNBC Health
The scientific community is now struggling to grapple with the ethics of human germline editing as another woman pregnant with a gene-edited baby is soon due to give...
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AMA launches online education portal, researchers explore personalized radio for dementia patients and more digital health news briefs

May 21, 2019 (Dave Muoio), Mobile Health News
Also: Apple patent on Apple Watch strap sensors; Drone medical delivery service raises $190...
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Smirnoff Seltzer intros new ways to ‘Rosé All Day’

May 16, 2019 , Drug Store News - Retail
Smirnoff Seltzer launched the pink apple rosé, white peach rosé and strawberry rosé, and a new piña colada flavor. Read More...
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Apple acquires patent rights for in-bed health sensor system

May 14, 2019 (Dave Muoio), Mobile Health News
Sensors described in the European Patent Office filing could be placed underneath the user's mattress or...
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Bos unveils Sparkling Unsweetened Iced Tea collection

May 14, 2019 , Drug Store News - Retail
Bos’ Sparkling Unsweetened Iced Tea collection is available in three flavors — blueberry and jasmine, white peach and elderflower, and pineapple and coconut. Read More...
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Apple Health Partner 'LetsGetChecked' Raises $30 Million Series B

May 10, 2019 , Forbes
LetsGetChecked, a direct-to-consumer at-home health testing platform, has just raised $30M in Series B...
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Apple's immediate plans rumored to include hearing health, period tracking, medication adherence

May 07, 2019 (Laura Lovett), Mobile Health News
In a new scoop, Bloomberg reports that the tech giant plans to launch a number of hearing-related technologies, including hearing aid support and accessibility...
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