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One-third of uninsured can't afford to take drugs as prescribed

Mar 20, 2019 , CNN Health
One-third of uninsured Americans did not take their medicine as prescribed to try to lower their costs, a new government report found....
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Prescriptions for healthy food might save lives - and money

Mar 20, 2019 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - Healthy food prescriptions written for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries might lower the risk of costly chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and at the same time lower the costs of care, a new study suggests....
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When Drug Costs Get Too High, Patients Are Skipping Doses Or Just Not Taking Medication

Mar 20, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Experts are worried this behavior could be extremely dangerous for the patients. “We have lots of treatments where if you don’t take them exactly as prescribed, you might be doing more harm than good,” said Stacie Dusetzina, a health policy researcher at Vanderbilt University. Other ways patients are trying to control costs are by asking for cheaper drugs from doctors or seeking out alternative therapies. Meanwhile, Ohio's attorney general is suing UnitedHealth's OptumRx unit alleging it...
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Hospital Pricing Practices: Transparency And Clarity Are Lacking

Mar 20, 2019 , Forbes
Since 2015, the average pace of hospital and physician expenditures has exceeded prescription drugs. Legislators are attempting to pry open the black box of hospital costs. Per the 1st of January a new law requires all U.S. hospitals to post complete price lists of all procedures...
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Genomic Testing Associated With Significantly Lower Health Care Costs In High-Risk Breast Cancer Patients, According To Researchers From Duke University

Mar 20, 2019 , NewsLine - Healthcare Professionals
New research from Duke University, published in the March 2019 issue of JNCCN—Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, provides evidence that genomic recurrence score (RS) testing using the 21-gene assay is associated with decreased cancer care costs in real-world practice among certain......
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Medicines Only Work if Patients Can Afford Them: Solutions For The High Drug Prices Era

Mar 19, 2019 , Forbes
New drug therapies help people live longer, better lives. But in a world of increasing health costs, prescribing life-saving medications for our patients isn’t enough. Physicians, health plans and pharmaceutical manufacturers have to ensure that patients can afford to take them, as...
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Report That Finds Sharp Increase In Commercial Health Care Prices Highlights Geographical Differences In Costs

Mar 14, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
"That fact that you could be paying 2.5 times more for the same healthcare services in San Jose than in Baltimore suggests there is a lot of variation in prices across the country," said Bill Johnson, lead author of the report. Meanwhile, Humana launches a bundled-payment model for some Medicare Advantage...
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Sepsis A Leading Cause Of Death In US Hospitals But Many Deaths May Not Be Preventable

Mar 13, 2019 , NewsLine - Healthcare Professionals
Sepsis is a major contributor to disability, death and health care costs in the United States and worldwide. A growing recognition of the high burden of sepsis as well as media coverage of high-profile, sepsis-induced deaths have catalyzed new efforts to prevent and manage the disease. While new ini......
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Hospitals, Health Industry Question Trump Administration’s Legal Authority To Require Price Transparency

Mar 13, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
The Trump administration is considering requiring hospitals and insurers to reveal the true costs of medical services, which have always been tightly held, confidential secrets by the parties involved. The industry says the administration lacks the authority to mandate such disclosures, while also pointing out that they wouldn't do much to help consumers....
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U.S. Congress invites pharmacy benefit managers to third drug pricing hearing

Mar 13, 2019 , Reuters
The U.S. Senate Finance Committee has invited executives from five pharmacy benefit managers to testify on April 3 on the rising costs of prescription medicines, in Congress's latest effort to question industry officials directly over an issue voters consistently cite as a top concern....
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NACDS’ Anderson urges DIR fee reform in op-ed

Mar 12, 2019 , Drug Store News - Retail
NACDS president and CEO Steve Anderson emphasized DIR fee reform’s role in lowering patients’ out of pocket costs and reducing overall healthcare costs in a Morning Consult op-ed. Read More...
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Healthcare Startups Promise To Rein In Costs

Mar 07, 2019 , Forbes
No magic bullet but many novel approaches to complex...
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State Highlights: More States Join Idaho In Serving Up Roadkill Cuisine, Improving Road Safety; Health Care Costs Hit Pennsylvanians Hard, Survey Finds

Mar 07, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Media outlets report on news from Idaho, Pennsylvania, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, Hawaii, Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio, California, Michigan and...
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Amazon's joint health-care venture finally has a name: Haven

Mar 07, 2019 , CNBC Health
Amazon, J.P. Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway last January announced they were teaming up to tackle rising health-care...
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Different Takes: Lessons On Why ‘Medicare For All’ Is Right Thing To Do; Single Payer Has To Make Good Business Sense

Mar 05, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Opinion writers weigh in on how to improve access to health care and lower...
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U.S. seeks to cut dialysis costs with more home care versus clinics

Mar 04, 2019 , Reuters
The Trump administration is working on a new payment approach for treating kidney disease that favors lower cost care at home and transplants, a change that would upend a dialysis industry that provides care in thousands of clinics nationwide....
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Different Takes: ‘Medicare For All’ Is Not A Magic Pill Unless Cost Of Delivery Falls; Talk About Lowering Drug Prices Won’t Cut It

Mar 01, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Editorial writers weigh in on efforts to improve quality of care and lower...
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Drug company executives to testify before U.S. Senate

Feb 27, 2019 , Reuters
Seven drug company executives will testify about rising prescription drug prices before a powerful U.S. Senate Committee on Tuesday, marking a sharp escalation in lawmakers' promises to address high medicine costs....
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U.S. senators tell drug company executives pricing is 'morally repugnant'

Feb 27, 2019 , Reuters
U.S. senators called drug pricing practices "morally repugnant" and told drug company executives they do not want to hear them blame others for the high prices, taking an aggressive stance at a Senate hearing on the rising costs of prescription medicines....
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Pharma execs offer Senate ideas to lower drug costs – except actually cutting prices

Feb 27, 2019 , CNBC Health
"Like most Americans, I'm sick and tired of the blame game," says Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley. "It's time for...
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