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DeepMind Starts To Show How AI Can Be Used To Solve Scientific Problems

Dec 04, 2018 , Forbes
DeepMind has shown that its artificial intelligence systems can be useful in the real world after it was announced as the winner of a protein folding contest in Cancun on...
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Why Google Just Tightened Its Grip On DeepMind

Nov 15, 2018 , Forbes
A competitor say the AI company became so fixated on a grand vision to solve intelligence that it lost its way in building anything useful....
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DeepMind emphasises role of AI in detecting eye disease at HIMSS Impact18

Nov 15, 2018 , Mobile Health News
One of the most popular keynotes at HIMSS’ annual Impact event in Potsdam, just outside Berlin, Germany last month was Dominic King’s AI-enabled healthcare: potential and challenges, which emphasised AI’s wide-ranging potential in revolutionising everything from imaging to oncology – underlining in particular its revolutionary potential for detecting eye conditions...
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UK Data Watchdog Monitors Google's Absorption Of DeepMind App Used By NHS

Nov 15, 2018 , Forbes
The Information Commissioner's Office told TechCrunch that it's watching the...
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DeepMind Is Handing DeepMind Health Over To Google

Nov 14, 2018 , Forbes
DeepMind Health will become part of Google Health in a move that raises fresh questions about the privacy of sensitive patient medical...
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Health privacy advocates worry DeepMind will break its promise not to share health data with Google

Nov 14, 2018 , CNBC Health
DeepMind Health says that it will be absorbed into Google Health, but it still won't be sharing patient health information with its parent company. Its critics remain...
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The new Google Health unit is absorbing health business from DeepMind, Alphabet's AI research group

Nov 14, 2018 , CNBC Health
CNBC has learned that DeepMind's health subsidiary is moving under the newly-formed Google Health led by former Geisinger CEO David...
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NHS long term plan IT update, Babylon's £23.3m reported loss and more UK digital health news briefs

Oct 16, 2018 (Leontina Postelnicu), Mobile Health News
Also: UK ministers to organise roundtable with companies to explore the impact of technology on loneliness and Japanese hospital joins AI research project through five-year partnership with London-based DeepMind...
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DeepMind Losses Grew To $368 Million In 2017

Oct 06, 2018 , Forbes
DeepMind has turned out to be an expensive acquisition for Google, which paid a reported £400 million for the company in...
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Google DeepMind Given Access To Mammograms Of 30,000 Women By Japanese Hospital

Oct 05, 2018 , Forbes
DeepMind Health is teaming up with a Japanese hospital on a machine learning project that could see AI used to detect breast cancer in mammograms. The organisation says it's important to use mammograms from different countries to reduce the chance of bias creeping into...
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DeepMind's eye disease diagnoses on par with specialists

Aug 15, 2018 (Leontina Postelnicu), Mobile Health News
DeepMind's artificial intelligence system appears to diagnose eye disease as accurately as leading human specialists, according to new research published in the journal Nature...
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Google DeepMind's AI Can Detect 50 Eye Disease Conditions And Save Sight

Aug 14, 2018 , Forbes
The London-based AI lab is focusing on applying its algorithms to areas like healthcare, robotics, and climate change...
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Independent review of DeepMind raises questions over company's business model, monopoly threat

Jun 22, 2018 (Laura Lovett), Mobile Health News
In a recent review, an independent group of panelists raised questions about UK-based AI company DeepMind’s business model, relationship with parent company Alphabet, and potential to monopolize its...
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DeepMind partners with VA to identify risks during hospital stays

Feb 24, 2018 (Dave Muoio), Mobile Health News
The Department of Veterans Affairs has announced a research partnership with Alphabet subsidiary DeepMind that will tackle issues concerning patient deterioration during hospital care. Using a dataset comprised of 700,000 historical, de-personalized health records, the machine learning platform will help the VA identify risk factors for deterioration while predicting its...
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Google's DeepMind Health independent review panel shares first annual report, raises concerns with data privacy and security

Jul 11, 2017 (Heather Mack), Mobile Health News
Overhauling the technological capabilities of the UK’s National Health Service is no easy feat. For Google DeepMind Health – which has positioned itself to handle much of the heavy lifting – an internal review panel has found plenty of room for improvement both on the company’s end as well as the clinicians who practice within the...
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Google DeepMind patient data deal with UK health service illegal, watchdog says

Jul 04, 2017 , CNBC Health
The ICO said the deal between DeepMind and one NHS Trust "failed to comply with data protection...
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Despite data controversy, Google DeepMind extends rollout of Streams app.

Jun 23, 2017 (Jonah Comstock), Mobile Health News
DeepMind, the AI-focused, UK-based Google subsidiary, will roll out its Streams app in a second hospital, the company announced this week. The deployment of the app at Musgrove Park Hospital marks the start of a planned five-year rollout with the Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation...
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Digital health news briefs for 5/16/17

May 17, 2017 (Jonah Comstock), Mobile Health News
More on Google DeepMind’s patient data misconduct. Google DeepMind’s partnership with the NHS is back in the news again as some new information emerged in the form of a leaked letter from National Data Guardian Dame Fiona Caldicott to the director of the Royal Free Hospital, where DeepMind’s apps were tested. The letter, published by Sky News, gives a glimpse into the UK government’s ongoing investigation of...
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Google's DeepMind developing blockchain-like tech to track health data

Mar 11, 2017 , Mobile Health News
DeepMind, the Google-owned artificial intelligence company, is developing a new technology similar to blockchain for secure tracking of patient health...
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Google DeepMind, NHS announce new agreement to address data sharing concerns

Nov 23, 2016 (Jonah Comstock), Mobile Health News
DeepMind, Google's UK-based AI subsidiary, has signed a new agreement with the NHS after the pair's February deal was scrutinized over the amount and type of patient data Google would have access...
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