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'Deaths Of Despair' From Drugs, Alcohol And Suicide Have Reached A Record High, Warns New Report

Jun 15, 2019 , Forbes
A new report says the U.S. has hit a record high for drug, alcohol and suicide "deaths of despair," with a state-by-state analysis revealing alarming ongoing trends for many parts of the...
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U.S. drugmakers file lawsuit against requiring drug prices in TV ads

Jun 15, 2019 , Reuters
U.S. drugmakers filed a lawsuit on Friday challenging a new government regulation that would require them to disclose the list price of prescription drugs in direct-to-consumer television advertisements....
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Drugmaker Accuses FDA Of ‘Arbitrarily And Capriciously’ Approving A Rival’s Treatment That’s Priced Significantly Lower

Jun 14, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
There's been an unusual and heated war being waged between Catalyst Pharmaceuticals and small, family-run Jacobus Pharmaceutical over their rare drug. The battle is being closely watched to see if incentives for developing such drugs may be jeopardized. Other pharmaceutical news focuses on GSK's investment in CRISPR, privacy and drug...
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Epilepsy Drug Linked to Suicide Risk in Young

Jun 14, 2019 , WebMD
The medicine, pregabalin (Lyrica), comes from a class of drugs called...
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GSK signs up gene-editing pioneers in drug discovery alliance

Jun 14, 2019 , Reuters
British drugmaker GSK said it has struck a research deal with the early pioneers of a prominent gene-editing technology at the University of California, in a boost to its prospects for developing new drugs....
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Epilepsy drugs linked to higher risk of birth defects, study says

Jun 13, 2019 , CNN Health
Side effects of prescription drugs are of particular concern during pregnancy....
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Will The Introduction Of A Third Potent Cholesterol Lowering Drug Expand or Shrink The Market?

Jun 11, 2019 , Forbes
Payers still will want to limit access to these drugs given the massive number of patients that could be eligible for...
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Drugstores Often Don't Have Opioid Antidote in Stock, Philly Study Shows

Jun 11, 2019 , MedicineNet
Title: Drugstores Often Don't Have Opioid Antidote in Stock, Philly Study ShowsCategory: Health NewsCreated: 6/7/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 6/10/2019 12:00:00...
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Study: Our Gut Bacteria May Be Dismantling The Pills We Take - What You Should Know

Jun 10, 2019 , Forbes
New research reveals that our gut bacteria digest and metabolize many of the common drugs we take, and we're just now starting to understand the implications of this potentially big...
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Co-owner, ex-employee of pharmacy in U.S. meningitis outbreak acquitted

Jun 08, 2019 , Reuters
A federal judge on Friday tossed the convictions of a co-owner and former employee of a Massachusetts compounding pharmacy accused of conspiring to help it evade regulatory oversight before its drugs caused a deadly 2012 fungal meningitis outbreak....
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Heartburn Drugs Again Tied to Fatal Risks

Jun 07, 2019 , WebMD
Research in recent years has linked long-term use of drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) to increased risks of various diseases and premature death. These latest findings point to the specific causes of...
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Feldene vs. Zipsor, Zorvolex

Jun 07, 2019 , RxList
Feldene (piroxicam) and Zipsor and Zorvolex (diclofenac) are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) used to relieve mild to moderate acute...
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Oakland residents won't be busted for using 'magic mushrooms' and other psychedelic drugs

Jun 06, 2019 , CNN Health
You may not see them popping up in dispensaries yet, but Oakland just allowed the use of "magic mushrooms" and other natural psychedelics....
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Trump Ban On Government Fetal Tissue Use May Be ‘Death Knell’ For Research

Jun 06, 2019 , Forbes
Although the tissue has been used to develop HIV drugs and vaccines, the Trump administration continues its anti-abortion agenda by banning it from government...
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Top lawmaker signals support to classify all illicit fentanyl copycats like heroin

Jun 05, 2019 , Reuters
A top U.S. Senator signaled some support on Tuesday for legislation permanently placing illicit chemical knock-offs of the extremely potent opioid fentanyl into the same legal class as heroin to boost prosecutions of traffickers and makers of the drugs, a proposal championed by top federal officials....
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Beta Blockers Might Fight A-Fib Too

Jun 05, 2019 , WebMD
A-fib is a common heart rhythm disorder sometimes triggered by stress and negative emotions. Beta blockers are drugs that block the effects of adrenaline and related...
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On The Toxicity Of Humira And Other Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs

Jun 05, 2019 , Forbes
But articles that trumpet 34,000 deaths on important medicines, that denigrate the FDA’s approval process and that suggest these drugs shouldn’t be on the market, don’t really help the...
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Health Tip: Over-the-Counter Drugs That Don't Mix With Alcohol

Jun 05, 2019 , MedicineNet
Title: Health Tip: Over-the-Counter Drugs That Don't Mix With AlcoholCategory: Health NewsCreated: 6/4/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 6/4/2019 12:00:00...
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Bayer teams up with biotech firm Arvinas in deal worth up to $750 million

Jun 05, 2019 , Reuters
German drugmaker Bayer has signed an alliance with Arvinas Inc to gain access to the U.S. biotech firm's experimental protein drugs and crop protection technology in a deal worth up to $750 million....
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Feldene vs. Motrin (Ibuprofen)

Jun 04, 2019 , RxList
Feldene (piroxicam) and ibuprofen are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) used to relieve the signs and symptoms of osteoarthritis and rheumatoid...
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