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Cause Of Polio-Like Illness In Children Continues To Stump Experts Even As Dozens Of More Cases Emerge

Nov 15, 2018 , Kaiser Health News
“What we do know is that these patients had fever and respiratory symptoms three to 10 days before their limb weakness," CDC's Dr. Nancy Messonnier said. "And we know that it’s the season where lots of people have fever and respiratory symptoms. What we need to sort out is what is the trigger for the [acute flaccid...
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Prozac No Help In Polio-Like Illness

Nov 13, 2018 , WebMD
Researchers have been searching for possible treatments for acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM. Lab tests showed that fluoxetine had antiviral effects against a virus associated with the disorder, so some experts had suggested that the antidepressant might be a possible treatment for the...
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How to rethink your corporate communications for 2019

Nov 09, 2018 , Healthcare Comm.
Hear top tips from the experts at Ragan’s upcoming virtual...
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Encourage teens to discuss relationships, experts say

Nov 08, 2018 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - Healthcare providers and parents should begin talking to adolescents in middle school about healthy romantic and sexual relationships and mutual respect for others, a doctors' group urges....
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Sleepy Drivers Involved in 100,000 Crashes a Year

Nov 08, 2018 , WebMD
Drowsy driving is a serious safety risk that few people consider, experts say. Drivers should keep the risk factors in mind, including as little as one hour of lost sleep, anti-anxiety medication and driving alone or with sleeping...
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Health experts propose a red meat tax to recoup $172 billion in health care-costs

Nov 08, 2018 , CNBC Health
Researchers at Oxford University want governments around the world to introduce a tax on red and processed...
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It’s Almost Time To Vote … Experts Opine About How It’s All Played Out, What Could Happen Next

Nov 06, 2018 , Kaiser Health News
Polls will open for the midterm elections in less than 24 hours. Already there's an effort to look at how the health care debate has unfolded -- fact-checking statements, measuring what people understand about catch phrases such as Medicare-for-all, handicapping what might happen to Obamacare if the GOP retains control of the House and Senate, and predicting how the health care sector might come out in the end....
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Why these experts think going viral is overrated

Nov 06, 2018 , Healthcare Comm.
Join us at Disney World and discover how to create lasting engagement on today’s top...
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Drug resistant superbugs are killing 33,000 in Europe each year

Nov 06, 2018 , Reuters
Superbug infections resistant to multiple antibiotics kill around 33,000 people a year in Europe, health experts said on Monday, and the burden of these diseases is comparable to that of flu, tuberculosis and HIV combined....
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FDA OKs Strong Opioid Pill Ten Times Stronger Than Fentanyl Despite Abuse Concerns

Nov 06, 2018 , Kaiser Health News
Health experts said the pill isn't needed and will only worsen the opioid epidemic. The FDA endorsed Dsuvia, which can be applied once under the tongue and benefit soldiers on the battlefield where IVs can be impractical. Other news on opioids focuses on the FDA's armed hunt for counterfeit drugs and the continued threat of fentanyl and...
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Could your intranet do more for your organization?

Nov 05, 2018 , Healthcare Comm.
Turn your intranet into a tool for success with help from the experts at this exciting conference for internal...
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Despite rhetoric, illness threat from migrants is minimal, experts say

Nov 03, 2018 , CNN Health
The Trump administration is painting the group of migrants from Central America as a threat to national security and some conservative commentators now claim that the immigrants are a threat to American's health, but in reality experts say the people whose health is most at risk are the migrants themselves, but the risk is temporary....
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Small Towns Offer Clues to Life Expectancy Drop

Nov 02, 2018 , WebMD
AU.S. life expectancy has gone down for the second year in a row, according to the CDC’s annual report on 2016 deaths, and experts say a third year of decline is...
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DNA sequencing giant Illumina just bought rival Pac Bio for $1.2 billion — here's why

Nov 02, 2018 , CNBC Health
Illumina made a move that will help it retain its dominance in the burgeoning DNA-sequencing field, experts...
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Virtual Program Successful In Linking Adult Protective Services, Geriatric Specialists

Nov 02, 2018 , NewsLine - Healthcare Professionals
In its first year, an innovative virtual program has substantially increased mistreated elderly Texans’ access to elder mistreatment and geriatric experts with The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth). The statewide adult Forensic Assessment Center Network (FACN) at McGov......
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FDA Experts May Reconsider Diabetes Drug Safety Rules

Nov 01, 2018 , Forbes
Today and tomorrow, the FDA is convening a panel of experts to give it advice on what kind of studies it should require to determine whether diabetes drugs help the heart, or hurt it....
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Questions Raised About Invokana Label Expansion For CV Risk Reduction

Nov 01, 2018 , Forbes
Experts are raising questions about FDA's decision to expand the label of the diabetes drug Invokana to reduce the risk of cardiovascular...
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11 Ways To Stay Competitive As Technology Evolves

Nov 01, 2018 , Forbes
In a field that's constantly evolving, these experts offer ways to stay a step...
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China birth rate set to continue decline this year: China Daily

Nov 01, 2018 , Reuters
China's birth rate is set to decline further this year as well as over the next few years, despite the country's 2016 move to relax its controversial "one-child policy", the China Daily newspaper said on Thursday, citing population experts....
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Changes To ACA Marketplaces Likely To Tamp Down Enrollment

Oct 31, 2018 , Kaiser Health News
Health experts foresee no increase in insurance enrollment in 2019 following Republicans' decision to repeal the penalty for not having insurance and their support for cheaper, slimmed-down plans that don’t meet ObamaCare’s requirements. As the marketplaces prepare to open on Thursday, outlets in Minnesota, Texas and Tennessee offer previews....
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