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Indonesia seeks to reassure HIV patients over drug supplies

Jan 13, 2019 , Reuters
Indonesia's health ministry has sought to reassure HIV patients that sufficient antiretroviral (ARV) drugs will be available for their treatment after some hospitals had run out of supplies....
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HIV Transmission and the History of HIV/AIDS

Jan 12, 2019 , RxList
Get the facts on how HIV infection causes and spreads, and learn about the statistic, symptoms, treatments and risks. Research shows that HIV evolved from a similar virus found in chimpanzees in West...
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Powerful Chamber Of Commerce Pledges To Fight Any Efforts By Congress To Move Toward Single-Payer

Jan 12, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
"We'll use all our resources to make sure that we're careful there," said Thomas Donohue, the president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce. In other coverage and access news: insurer settles discrimination allegations over consumers who take HIV-prevention medication; a look at what happens when an insurer's pricing tool gets it wrong; and trends for the coming...
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Unethical experiments' painful contributions to today's medicine

Jan 10, 2019 , CNN Health
Chinese scientist He Jiankui sent shockwaves around the world last year with his claim that he had modified twin babies' DNA before their birth. The modification was made with gene editing tool CRISPR-Cas9, he said, and made the babies resistant to HIV. Scientists from China and around the world spoke out about the experiment, which many say was unethical and not needed to prevent the virus. The scientist had also been warned by peers not to go down this path....
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Chinese gay dating app halts registration after underage HIV report

Jan 07, 2019 , Reuters
Chinese gay dating app Blued is halting new user registration for a week, it said on Sunday, following media reports that underage users caught HIV after going on dates set up via the world's largest networking app for the LGBT community....
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Woman tests positive for hepatitis B after surgery center warning

Jan 04, 2019 , CNN Health
A Brooklyn woman has tested positive for hepatitis B after having a procedure at a New Jersey surgery center that later warned thousands of patients they may have been exposed to blood-borne pathogens like hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV....
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Woman first to claim infection after surgery at New Jersey facility

Jan 04, 2019 , Reuters
A former patient at a New Jersey surgical facility that state health officials said may have exposed thousands of patients to HIV and other blood-borne pathogens has tested positive for hepatitis B, one of her lawyers said on Thursday....
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State Highlights: Thousands Of Patients Potentially Exposed To HIV At New Jersey Surgery Center; OhioHealth Propelled Into Era Of Value-Based Care

Jan 03, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Media outlets report on news from New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, Louisiana, Arizona, Massachusetts, Oregon, California, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Nebraska, Minnesota, Washington, Georgia, Florida, New Hampshire and Colorado....
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New Jersey clinic sued after HIV infection warning

Dec 30, 2018 , Reuters
A former patient has filed the first lawsuit against a New Jersey surgery center that may have exposed nearly 3,800 patients to HIV and hepatitis due to poor sterilization and medication practices....
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Surgery Center May Have Infected Thousands

Dec 27, 2018 , WebMD
After an investigation, a New Jersey outpatient surgery center is urging anyone treated there between Jan. 1 and Sept. 7, 2018, be tested for HIV and hepatitis B and...
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New Jersey urges patients at facility to check for HIV infections

Dec 26, 2018 , Reuters
New Jersey health officials have urged more than 3,700 former patients of a surgical facility to get blood tests "out of an abundance of caution," because they may have been exposed to HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C....
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Atropine vs. Adrenalin

Dec 20, 2018 , RxList
Atropine Sulfate Injection and Adrenalin (epinephrine) can both increase heart rate but are used for different conditions. Atropine sulfate is an antimuscarinic agent used to treat bradycardia (low heart rate), reduce salivation and bronchial secretions before surgery, as an antidote for overdose of cholinergic drugs or mushroom poisoning. Adrenalin is a chemical that narrows blood vessels and opens airways in the lungs. These effects can reverse severe low blood pressure, wheezing, severe skin...
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Flonase vs. Allegra

Dec 20, 2018 , RxList
Allegra (fexofenadine hydrochloride) and Flonase (fluticasone) are used to treat allergic symptoms allergic and non-allergic rhinitis (sneezing, runny nose, itchy or watery eyes). Allegra is also used to treat allergic symptoms such as hives. Allegra and Flonase belong to different drug classes. Allegra is an antihistamine and Flonase is a...
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With no antiretrovirals, Venezuela HIV patients rely on leaf remedy

Dec 14, 2018 , Reuters
As Venezuela's hyperinflation and chronic medicine shortages leave HIV patients with little hope of obtaining antiretroviral drugs, many are now relying on the leaves of a tropical tree known as the guasimo....
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NIH Interested In Investing Up To $20M To Develop Alternatives To Using Fetal Tissue In Research

Dec 12, 2018 , Kaiser Health News
The notice comes in the wake of news reports that in September the Trump administration ordered NIH scientists, including one team researching a treatment for HIV, to stop buying new human fetal...
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Traffic accidents are eighth leading cause of death globally

Dec 08, 2018 , CNN Health
The number of traffic-related deaths reached a high of 1.35 million in 2016, according to the 2018 Global Status Report on Road Safety, released by the World Health Organization on Friday. It has also moved up to the eighth leading cause of death for people of all ages, ahead of HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis....
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FDA partners with WHO to expedite review of HIV drug applications

Dec 08, 2018 , Drug Store News - Retail
The Food and Drug Administration and World Health Organization are launching a pilot called the Collaborative Registration Procedure-Lite to expedite HIV drug applications. Read More...
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India drains lake after discovery of HIV-infected body

Dec 06, 2018 , Reuters
Indian authorities are pumping water out of a sprawling southern lake to assuage villagers' fears it was contaminated after the discovery of the body of a woman infected with HIV, a regional official said on Wednesday....
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Genetic Relic Of The 'Black Death' May Offer Clues In Treating Liver Disease

Dec 06, 2018 , NewsLine - Healthcare Professionals
A gene mutation that is believed to have safeguarded some people in 14th century Europe from the bubonic plague today may be protecting HIV patients co-infected with hepatitis C from potentially fatal liver scarring, says a University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medicine physician-scientist. Kenn......
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HIV self-test app connects users to care, FDA proposes De Novo update, and more digital health news briefs

Dec 05, 2018 (Dave Muoio), Mobile Health News
Also: Literature review finds telehealth treatments to be on par with in-person care; Survey finds consumers' interest in wearables for health tracking...
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