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Healthcare In The Age Of Personalization Part 2: Identifying The Real Metrics Of Inclusion

Mar 18, 2019 , Forbes
While healthcare understands the age of personalization better than any industry, it must first overcome the foundation that was laid throughout the age of standardization to reap the full benefits of personalization for patients/consumers, employees and the communities the industry...
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Women in venture: The case for increasing representation in digital health investing

Mar 16, 2019 (Laura Lovett), Mobile Health News
Women make up 12.2 percent of digital health VC partners, but many in the industry are discussing the importance of diverse...
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Steps for boosting your health care organization’s online reputation

Mar 16, 2019 , Healthcare Comm.
This infographic breaks down the numbers behind the importance of a strong web presence for your facility or practice.   In the 21st century, you’re nobody unless you’re somebody online. Peer recognition, industry awards and other accolades are no longer enough. Businesses need a credible online footprint to remain relevant, attract new clients, shape their […] The post Steps for boosting your health care organization’s online reputation appeared first on Health Care...
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Get free training and make your organization a communications icon

Mar 16, 2019 , Healthcare Comm.
Help us and help yourself—host a Ragan conference or workshop and send your team for free. Every industry has its rock stars. Facebook, Microsoft, ConEd, Whole Foods, SAS, Legacy Health, Disney Parks, Florida International University and Southwest Airlines are a few of ours. What do they have in common? They’ve all hosted Ragan events and gotten expert […] The post Get free training and make your organization a communications icon appeared first on Health Care Communication...
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Are Eggs the Cholesterol Enemy Again?

Mar 16, 2019 , WebMD
As Americans have embraced low-carb diets, many have turned to eggs as a reliable protein source. According to industry data, the average American will eat more eggs in 2019 than any time for the past 20...
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At ortho meeting, VR companies announce industry-advancing partnerships

Mar 15, 2019 (Jonah Comstock), Mobile Health News
OssoVR is working with Smith & Nephew to make a training program for robotic surgery, while FundamentalVR is working with VR glove-maker...
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After Nearly Two Years Of Bitter Battle Following Their Failed Merger, Cigna And Anthem Await Judge’s Decision

Mar 15, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
There's billions of dollars at stake, with each company having "shot for the moon" in their damages requests. The court proceedings peeled back the curtain on large-scale mergers in the health industry, and aired a lot of dirty laundry along the way. In other health industry news: dental insurance, profit reports and federal tax refunds....
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Hospitals, Health Industry Question Trump Administration’s Legal Authority To Require Price Transparency

Mar 13, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
The Trump administration is considering requiring hospitals and insurers to reveal the true costs of medical services, which have always been tightly held, confidential secrets by the parties involved. The industry says the administration lacks the authority to mandate such disclosures, while also pointing out that they wouldn't do much to help consumers....
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U.S. Congress invites pharmacy benefit managers to third drug pricing hearing

Mar 13, 2019 , Reuters
The U.S. Senate Finance Committee has invited executives from five pharmacy benefit managers to testify on April 3 on the rising costs of prescription medicines, in Congress's latest effort to question industry officials directly over an issue voters consistently cite as a top concern....
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Hospitals: Medicare-Like Public Options Don’t Pay Us Enough Money

Mar 13, 2019 , Forbes
The hospital industry Tuesday ripped Medicare-like public option proposals saying their payment rates aren't high enough....
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Medical Technology Industry Pushes For Permanent End To Device Tax

Mar 12, 2019 , Forbes
The medical technology industry is pushing for a permanent end to a 2.3% tax on medical device sales that has already been on hiatus for almost four years....
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FDA chief Gottlieb's departure might not actually be a good thing for vaping industry

Mar 11, 2019 , CNBC Health
Some have called FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb's resignation a boon for the e-cigarette industry. It may prove more...
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From The State Capitols: Public Health-Insurance Option; Tobacco Bans; Support For Repealing Death Penalty; Hospital Industry Regulations; And More

Mar 09, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
News from state legislatures comes from Connecticut, Virginia, New Hampshire, Georgia and Florida....
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Walmart highlights its female talent, commits $3M to Girls Who Code on International Women’s Day

Mar 09, 2019 , Drug Store News - Retail
To commemorate International Women’s Day on March 8, Walmart highlighted some of the women in leadership roles at the retailer and shone a light on a new effort to close the gender gap in the tech industry. Read More...
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FDA chief Scott Gottlieb's resignation leaves 'billion-dollar question' for CBD industry

Mar 08, 2019 , CNBC Health
Just a week ago, it looked like the Food and Drug Administration was ready to revisit its policies around CBD-infused food and...
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Judge Blasts Insurer For Policies He Says Effectively Discriminated Against Patients With Mental Health Problems To Save Money

Mar 07, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
U.S. Chief Magistrate Judge Joseph C. Spero found that United Behavioral Health, the insurer’s unit that administers treatments for mental illness and addiction in private health plans, used overly restrictive guidelines to make its decision on mental health coverage. “There is an excessive emphasis on addressing acute symptoms and stabilizing crises while ignoring the effective treatment of members’ underlying conditions,” he said. He dismissed much of the testimony by UnitedHealth’s...
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Finding A Caregiver For A Sick Family Member Can Be Extremely Stressful. Now Companies Are Offering Their Help–At A Cost.

Mar 06, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
More and more companies are jumping to help with the onerous task of finding caregivers for children with special needs, sick family members and dying patients. "People are able to spend the final days of a parent's life with them, and they wouldn't have been able to do that otherwise," said Melanie Moriarty, a senior director in human resources at Best Buy. Other health industry news focuses on long-term insurance, mergers and contract...
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Diversity In Healthtech: Why Securing Funding Is Harder For Female Founders

Mar 06, 2019 , Forbes
Earlier this month, I wrote about why I believe it is vital for the healthtech industry to have more women in positions of leadership. Today, I want to continue that discussion by focusing in on one specific part of this debate: securing investment as a female founder in...
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CoverGirl launches platform to support a cruelty-free industry

Mar 05, 2019 , Drug Store News - Retail
CoverGirl is asking consumers to support a cruelty-free industry by sharing a selfie of themselves with the #CoverGirlCrueltyFree hashtag, which will then add their name to a list supporting the cause. Read More...
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U.S. seeks to cut dialysis costs with more home care versus clinics

Mar 04, 2019 , Reuters
The Trump administration is working on a new payment approach for treating kidney disease that favors lower cost care at home and transplants, a change that would upend a dialysis industry that provides care in thousands of clinics nationwide....
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