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A deadly virus is spreading from state to state and has infected 26 million Americans so far. It's the flu

Feb 19, 2020 , CNN Health
The novel coronavirus that's sickening thousands globally -- and at least 15 people in the US -- is inspiring countries to close their borders and Americans to buy up surgical masks quicker than major retailers can restock them....
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Innovaccer's health data platform brings in $70M more

Feb 18, 2020 (Dave Muoio), Mobile Health News
The company's latest raise brings its total funding to $120...
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After Drug Is Granted Orphan Status, Hospitals Can Be Left Paying Millions For Treatment That Was Cheap, Attainable

Feb 14, 2020 , Kaiser Health News
Drugmakers argue that they've pumped millions into research and so they can charge a lot more for drugs that used to be available cheaply. But experts find flaws in their logic. In other pharmaceutical news: the price of insulin and CVS' fourth-quarter profits....
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Australia’s Prospection raises A$10M in Series A funding

Feb 13, 2020 , Mobile Health News
Australia-based healthcare analytics startup Prospection raised A$10 million in its first external funding round, led by Main Sequence Ventures’ CSIRO Innovation Fund and Horizons Ventures, the company announced earlier this week. The funds will be used to accelerate the company’s healthcare analytics platforms into new therapy areas, grow its artificial intelligence capabilities, and expand into Asia Pacific. WHAT THEY...
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Rio braces for coronavirus risk during Carnival party

Feb 13, 2020 , Reuters
Preparing for Rio de Janeiro's Carnival, when well over 1 million visitors pour into the "Marvelous City" for round-the-clock revelry, is always a daunting task for city officials....
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Automated Virtual Reality Therapy Pioneer Oxford VR Secures Record $12.5 Million Investment

Feb 13, 2020 , Forbes
This capital infusion will enable Oxford VR to accelerate U.S. expansion of its evidence-based and scalable automated VR therapy solutions for behavioral health issues, and to continue expanding its treatment pipeline into conditions such as anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress...
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Chinese public dial in for support as coronavirus takes mental toll

Feb 13, 2020 , Reuters
Hundreds of 24-hour mental health support telephone hotlines have sprung up in China in recent weeks as millions of people fret about catching the coronavirus - and try to avoid infection by staying at home....
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Viewpoints: President’s Budget Is A Catastrophe In Making For Millions; Doctors Would Turn Away From ‘Medicare For All’

Feb 12, 2020 , Kaiser Health News
Opinion writers weigh in on these health care topics and...
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Gento raises $5M to expand its home health staffing app across US

Feb 12, 2020 (Dave Muoio), Mobile Health News
Palisades Growth Capital led the round, which brings the startup's total raise to over $7...
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Why Obamacare Supporters Should Favor the Trump Administration's Medicaid Block Grant Proposal

Feb 12, 2020 , Forbes
In my mind, the people that are opposing the Trump administration's block grant proposals are letting their ideology stand in the way of millions of people becoming eligible for substantial, if not optimal, Medicaid...
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Rising Tensions Between Trump Administration, Sanctuary Cities On Display After Man Shot By ICE Officer

Feb 12, 2020 , Kaiser Health News
ICE said the shooting could have been avoided entirely if New York assisted the agency rather than limiting when law enforcement authorities will turn over undocumented immigrants. But New York officials argue that such policies are vital to maintaining the trust of the city’s three million...
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Unlike Rivals, Buttigieg Health Plan Reduces Deficit And Covers 30M

Feb 10, 2020 , Forbes
Democrat Pete Buttigieg’s health plan would reduce the federal deficit by $450 billion while still covering 20 to 30 million more Americans, according to a new analysis ahead of Tuesday’s New Hampshire...
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'Enemy of mankind': Coronavirus deaths top SARS as China returns to work

Feb 10, 2020 , Reuters
China raised the death toll from its coronavirus outbreak to 811 on Sunday, passing the number killed globally by the SARS epidemic, as authorities made plans for millions of people returning to work after an extended Lunar New Year break....
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American dies of coronavirus in China; five Britons infected in French Alps

Feb 09, 2020 , Reuters
A 60-year-old American has died of the new coronavirus, the first confirmed non-Chinese death of the illness, U.S. officials said, as millions of Chinese began returning home after a Lunar New Year break that was extended to try to contain the outbreak....
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2 Million Lost Health Coverage or Access in Trump's First Year

Feb 08, 2020 , MedicineNet
Title: 2 Million Lost Health Coverage or Access in Trump's First YearCategory: Health NewsCreated: 2/6/2020 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 2/7/2020 12:00:00...
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2 Million Lost Health Coverage, Access to Care

Feb 08, 2020 , WebMD
Two million more Americans didn't seek health care from late 2016 through 2017 because they couldn't afford it and/or lacked insurance, new research...
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U.S. announces aid for China, other countries impacted by coronavirus

Feb 08, 2020 , Reuters
The United States stands ready to spend up to $100 million to assist China and other countries impacted by coronavirus, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced on Friday....
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Drugmaker BioMarin Seeks New CFO Amid Coming Release Of Potentially Costliest Drug In The World

Feb 07, 2020 , Forbes
BioMarin Pharmaceutical, which is vying to release the most expensive drug in the world at somewhere between $2 million and $3 million a dose, announced Tuesday the departure of its chief financial...
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Bill And Melinda Gates Donate $100 Million To Coronavirus Vaccine Research And Treatment

Feb 06, 2020 , Forbes
More than 24,000 people have been infected with coronavirus and 490 have died....
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U.S. government proposes higher payments to Medicare insurers in 2021

Feb 06, 2020 , Reuters
The U.S. government on Wednesday proposed an average 0.93% increase in its payments in 2021 to the health insurers that manage Medicare Advantage insurance plans for about 22 million people aged 65 or older or disabled....
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