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Editorial: The case for women executives and a second shortlist for Bezos, Buffett and Dimon

Mar 17, 2018 , Modern Healthcare Breaking News
Amazon, Berkshire-Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase are searching for a CEO to lead their joint venture. Unfortunately, the shortlist is shortsighted. Female executives need to be given the same platform as men to earn a shot at the top...
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JPMorgan and VisitPay launch financing option for hospitals

Mar 09, 2018 , Modern Healthcare Breaking News
VisitPay is teaming up with JPMorgan Chase to offer health systems recourse financing that it says aims to salvage relations with patients, contrary to traditional debt...
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Should Hospitals Fear the Amazon-Berkshire-JP Morgan Entity?

Mar 02, 2018 , Healthcare Business News
Feb. 28—Although little is yet clear about the high-profile collaboration between three innovative companies, hospitals could see a range of impacts, industry watchers say....
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Buffett Sees Lower Costs, Better Care With New Initiative, But Warns ‘Don’t Expect Any Miracles Out Of Us’

Feb 28, 2018 , Kaiser Health News
“This is not easy,'' Warren Buffett said about the new health initiative between his company, Amazon and JPMorgan. "If it was easy, it would have been...
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Funding Influence, Sheer Chutzpah May Lead Billionaires’ Health Initiative To Succeed Where Others Have Failed

Feb 24, 2018 , Kaiser Health News
Bloomberg Businessweek takes a closer look at the health initiative being launched by Jeff Bezos’ Amazon, Jamie Dimon’s JPMorgan Chase and Warren Buffett's Berkshire...
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Amazon, Berkshire & JPMorgan Can Fix Healthcare With Technology - And By Studying Winners

Feb 20, 2018 , Forbes
Amazon, Berkshire and JPMorgan can fix healthcare with scale, subsidies, an incentivized provider network -- and technology. They should follow the...
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JP Morgan upgrades two biotech companies amid 'optimistic' outlook

Feb 16, 2018 , CNBC Health
J.P. Morgan alerted clients to two biotech companies that it believes could outperform peers in the next...
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The Road Behind, the Road Ahead, and What We Heard at the 2018 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

Feb 15, 2018 , Mobile Health News
About the Author: @JohnGardner_VC has led and managed investments in companies across the information technology spectrum. He came to NGP Capital from BlueRun Ventures, where he was one of the founding...
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Berkshire-Amazon-JP Morgan venture will be a disappointment if it's focused on health-care costs

Feb 14, 2018 , CNBC Health
The Berkshire Hathaway-Amazon-JP Morgan health-care alliance will disappoint if it does no more than focus on...
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Guest Commentary: The days of incremental change are over; it's a brave new world in healthcare

Feb 10, 2018 , Modern Healthcare Breaking News
Are we ready for one-click healthcare? That's one of the promises of the partnership announced recently by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan. It'll be difficult, but one thing's for certain—we're going to learn a lot from...
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Amazon, JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway's plan to change health care a 'very difficult effort'

Feb 10, 2018 , CNBC Health
he trio's foray into health care isn't the newest idea, it's just the most recent, says CVS Health's David Dorman....
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Here's How Amazon Could Disrupt Health Care (Part 2)

Feb 09, 2018 , Forbes
Amazon is the critical ingredient in making its health care alliance with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase...
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CVS Health CEO On Amazon-Berkshire Threat: We've Got This

Feb 09, 2018 , Forbes
CVS Health CEO Larry Merlo believes the pharmacy chain's acquisition of Aetna would put them well ahead of anything Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase & Co. may...
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Here's How Amazon Could Disrupt Healthcare (Part 2)

Feb 08, 2018 , Forbes
Amazon is the critical ingredient in making its healthcare alliance with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase...
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JP Morgan reveals top pharma picks after earnings

Feb 08, 2018 , CNBC Health
With the major pharmaceutical companies done with earnings, J.P. Morgan told clients know which companies look...
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Amazon Causes Major Heartburn At JPMorgan -- And Won't Disrupt Healthcare

Feb 05, 2018 , Forbes
Amazon's murky ambitions around disrupting healthcare have already caused major heartburn at one of it's partners (JPMorgan) and isn't likely to succeed beyond reducing costs for it's own employees --...
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Bickering In Congress Created Vacuum That Tech Billionaires Decided To Fill With Health Initiative

Feb 03, 2018 , Kaiser Health News
The idea of businesses stepping in where they see government failing is nothing new. But will the initiative from Amazon, Berkshkire Hathaway and JPMorgan actually succeed with the odds stacked against it?...
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Cigna CEO sees Amazon-led employee health initiative as an 'opportunity'

Feb 02, 2018 , CNBC Health
Cigna CEO David Cordani said he has had conversations with J.P. Morgan, which is one of its customers....
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Cigna CEO sees opportunity in Amazon's new venture

Feb 02, 2018 , Modern Healthcare Breaking News
Cigna Corp. CEO David Cordani said there's opportunity for the insurer in the Amazon-JPMorgan Chase-Berkshire Hathaway venture. Meanwhile, the insurer reported that customer growth and higher premiums and fees helped boost its 2017...
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Different Takes: Will Amazon’s Venture Be A Breakthrough In Lowering Healthcare Costs?

Feb 01, 2018 , Kaiser Health News
Editorial pages feature writings on the new initiative between Amazon, JP Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway...
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