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Heart disease can have long-term impact on the mind, study says

Jun 18, 2019 , CNN Health
Patients who receive a diagnosis of coronary heart disease are at higher risk for cognitive decline later on, a new study shows....
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When elders leave hospital, falls are big reason they return

Jun 18, 2019 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - Preventing falls among elderly patients who've just left the hospital is an important part of keeping them safe, a large U.S. study shows....
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Blood Pressure Med Might Help Fight Alzheimer's

Jun 18, 2019 , WebMD
Researchers don't know whether the finding related to the drug nilvadipine can translate into any benefits for patients. But future studies should look into that possibility, they...
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How are you reaching all your patients in the digital age?

Jun 18, 2019 , Healthcare Comm.
As health care technology expands, medical practices can take steps to focus on accessibility. Are high-tech innovations increasing medical access, or are they putting restrictions on patients with disabilities? Health care providers are aware of and comply with ADA accessibility, but what about the barriers created by technology for patients with communication and processing differences? […] The post How are you reaching all your patients in the digital age? appeared first on Health Care...
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License Revoked From Facility Where Incapacitated Woman Was Raped Following Reports Of Maggots Found On Resident

Jun 18, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Arizona state officials said they will seek a revocation of Hacienda's license based on findings from a recent survey and an "extremely disturbing incident involving inadequate patient care" that was reported this week. Other news on quality in care facilities and hospitals comes out of Minnesota, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas and Ohio....
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UK Ebola patient Pauline Cafferkey gives birth to twins

Jun 15, 2019 , CNN Health
A Scottish nurse who fought off Ebola has given birth to twins, telling those who have suffered that "there is a future" after the disease....
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Boosting health literacy helps improve patient outcomes

Jun 15, 2019 , Healthcare Comm.
In promoting your facility or practice, use clear and simple language to ensure comprehension. Guide your practitioners to ask questions that bring patient perspectives into sharp focus. Health care messages can be complex. You have stakeholders, opinions, requirements, jargon and details that are indecipherable to the average person. To reach and move your audience and […] The post Boosting health literacy helps improve patient outcomes appeared first on Health Care Communication...
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Listening to music may ease cancer patients' pain

Jun 15, 2019 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - Listening to music at home may reduce cancer patients' pain and fatigue and ease symptoms like loss of appetite and difficulty concentrating, according to research in Taiwan....
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Fecal Transplants May Transmit Deadly Drug-Resistant Infections, FDA Warns

Jun 15, 2019 , RxList
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is alerting healthcare providers and patients that fecal microbiota for transplant (FMT) may transmit multidrug-resistant organisms, leading to serious or life-threatening...
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State Highlights: Virginia Governor Plans Public Talks On Gun Control; Abuse Occurred To 20% Of Medicare Patients During ER Transports In Eight States, Report Finds

Jun 15, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Media outlets report on news from Virginia, Florida, Maryland, California, New York, Arizona, North Carolina, District Of Columbia, Minnesota, Colorado, Missouri, Ohio and...
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After Patient Dies From Fecal Transplant, FDA Halts Trials Until Testing Improves For Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Jun 15, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
The transplants have come into increasing use to treat severe intestinal orders and sometimes work quickly in patients wasting away. But the procedure to use stool from a healthy donor to restore the normal balance of bacteria and other organisms in the intestine is considered experimental by the...
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Maine Legalizes Assisted Suicide

Jun 15, 2019 , WebMD
Under the law, doctors can prescribe a lethal dose of a drug to terminally ill patients and it will not be legally a...
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AmWell, Cisco partner on TV-centered telehealth platform for seniors

Jun 15, 2019 (Dave Muoio), Mobile Health News
The companies pitched the upcoming service as a convenient in-home option for Medicare Advantage patients overwhelmed by digital...
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FDA: Infections, 1 Death After Fecal Transplants

Jun 15, 2019 , WebMD
After reports of serious, antibiotic-resistant infections, the FDA is alerting all health care professionals who do fecal transplants about the potential serious risk so they can inform their...
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Philips upbeat on digital care as patients warm to data sharing

Jun 14, 2019 , Reuters
Dutch health technology company Philips expects sales at its digital care business to grow this year as patients see the benefits of sharing more medical data with doctors, Chief Executive Frans van Houten told Reuters....
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FDA issues warning after patient dies following fecal transplant

Jun 14, 2019 , CNBC Health
The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday issued a safety warning following the death of a person who contracted a drug resistant bacteria that was transmitted by an investigational fecal microbiome transplant...
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FDA issues safety alert over fecal transplants after patient's death

Jun 14, 2019 , CNN Health
The US Food and Drug Administration issued a safety alert on Thursday over the use of fecal transplants after one recipient died....
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Teva Pharmaceuticals Expands Losartan Recall

Jun 14, 2019 , eMedicine Health
Teva Pharmaceuticals Expands Patient-Level Losartan...
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Teva Pharmaceuticals Expands Patient-Level Losartan Recall

Jun 14, 2019 , RxList
Teva Pharmaceuticals USA is expanding its nationwide recall to include six additional lots of bulk losartan potassium USP tablets: two lots of 50-mg tablets and four lots of 100-mg...
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The Most Important Health Reform Of All

Jun 14, 2019 , Forbes
No one discusses the most important health care reform. That is to make it profitable to treat sick and very sick patients. Right now, it is in the interest of health care providers and insurers to avoid...
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