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Your guide to surviving allergy season

Mar 21, 2018 , CNN Health
Between spring-cleaning and all that pesky pollen in the air, this is an especially itchy-sniffly-sneezy time of year. Run through this list to prepare yourself for the many irritants that can make you miserable....
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Flu Season Finally Slowing Down

Mar 20, 2018 , MedicineNet
Title: Flu Season Finally Slowing DownCategory: Health NewsCreated: 3/16/2018 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 3/19/2018 12:00:00...
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Make A Better Plan This Tax Season

Mar 20, 2018 , Forbes
When doing your tax planning this season, why not extend your efforts to encompass life and legacy planning? Tax season is actually the perfect time to begin. See below for some tips for using tax season as an opportunity to gather and store this information in a secure, digital...
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Progress Toward A New Flu Treatment, Thanks To A Small Tweak

Mar 20, 2018 , NewsLine - Healthcare Professionals
This year’s unexpectedly aggressive flu season reminds everyone that although the flu vaccine can reduce the number of people who contract the virus, it is still not 100 percent effective. Researchers report that a tweak to a small-molecule drug shows promise for future production of new antiviral t......
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Flu Vaccine Forecast: If There Is A Cure, It May Still Be ‘A Decade Away’

Mar 14, 2018 , Kaiser Health News
While flu rates are finally easing up, researchers look for ways to improve the shot that this year was only 36 percent effective. "The one thing about flu that you can count on, is that it will be unpredictable," said Dr. Nicole Marie Iovine of the University of Florida. Meanwhile, the flu season continues and record high deaths occur in...
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15 states still reporting highest levels of ILI activity

Mar 13, 2018 , Drug Store News - Retail
Current data indicate that the 2017-2018 flu season peaked at 7.5% in early February (during week 5) and is now on the decline. Read More...
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Nasty Flu Season Easing Up

Mar 13, 2018 , MedicineNet
Title: Nasty Flu Season Easing UpCategory: Health NewsCreated: 3/9/2018 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 3/12/2018 12:00:00...
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Acetaminophen Overdosing Common, Especially in Cold/Flu Season

Mar 10, 2018 , RxList
Researchers who asked more than 14,000 adults about their recent use of acetaminophen found significant numbers are exceeding the maximum adult daily dose of 4 g (4000...
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Virtual care surging during this brutal flu season

Mar 10, 2018 , Healthcare Comm.
Medical facilities and practices helping patients remotely so they don’t have to schlep to the waiting room—and infect others along the...
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Teladoc talks flu season, legislative wins on Q4 call

Mar 07, 2018 (Jonah Comstock), Mobile Health News
On its fourth quarter earnings call, Teladoc reported increases in total visits, utilization, and revenues, but also in net loss. CEO Jason Gorevic was optimistic, pointing to positive developments in Washington and the success of the platform during this year's worse-than-normal flu...
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Nasty Flu Season Shows More Signs of Slowing

Mar 06, 2018 , MedicineNet
Title: Nasty Flu Season Shows More Signs of SlowingCategory: Health NewsCreated: 3/2/2018 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 3/5/2018 12:00:00...
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Rare Side Effect Of Flu Puts Young Men At Risk

Mar 03, 2018 , NewsLine - Healthcare Professionals
This year’s flu season has been one of the worst in recent memory causing thousands of people to be hospitalized. The virus can be particularly dangerous for young men who can experience nerve damage caused by the body’s response to the flu. The immune system creates antibodies to fight the flu vir......
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Worst flu season to lift U.S. hospital operator results

Mar 02, 2018 , Reuters
(Reuters) - One of the most severe flu seasons in the United States this past decade is proving to be a shot in the arm for U.S. hospital operators that have struggled with tepid patient admissions in recent quarters....
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Extra Sunlight In Late Summer, Early Fall Could Help Stave Off Flu, Study Finds

Mar 02, 2018 , NewsLine - Healthcare Professionals
People getting more rays of sunlight — and therefore vitamin D — in August and September could help reduce the severity of flu season, according to a National Bureau of Economic Research working paper co-authored by a University of Kansas economist. The researchers' key finding is that a 10% increa......
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Late in a High Anxiety Season, Some Flu and Vaccine Basics

Mar 01, 2018 , American Journal of Nursing
After what has seemed like constant media scrutiny for months, influenza hasn’t been in the news as often in recent days. Still, CDC data indicate that flu activity remains “widespread” across the country, so it’s still too early to eliminate flu from your list of “differential diagnoses,” at work or at home. Maybe it’s the [...] The post Late in a High Anxiety Season, Some Flu and Vaccine Basics appeared first on Off the...
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After ‘Especially Difficult’ Flu Season, FDA Panel To Weigh Changes To Next Year’s Vaccine

Feb 28, 2018 , Kaiser Health News
The FDA is looking at why this year's vaccine had a low effectiveness rate. Meanwhile, public officials are trying to make it clear that the vaccine itself can't cause the flu epidemic....
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Flu Season Shows More Signs of Slowing

Feb 27, 2018 , MedicineNet
Title: Flu Season Shows More Signs of SlowingCategory: Health NewsCreated: 2/23/2018 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 2/26/2018 12:00:00...
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The Peak Of This Terrible Flu Season Might Actually Be Behind Us

Feb 27, 2018 , Kaiser Health News
But that doesn't mean it's gone. "We’re likely to see influenza continue to circulate until mid-April," said Daniel Jernigan, director of the CDC's flu...
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Yemen's cholera epidemic likely to intensify in coming months: WHO

Feb 27, 2018 , Reuters
RIYADH (Reuters) - The World Health Organization warned on Monday that a cholera epidemic in Yemen that killed more than 2,000 people could flare up again in the rainy season....
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New Version of Nasal Flu Vaccine to Return for Next Season

Feb 24, 2018 , MedicineNet
Title: New Version of Nasal Flu Vaccine to Return for Next SeasonCategory: Health NewsCreated: 2/22/2018 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 2/23/2018 12:00:00...
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