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Teen Pot Use Linked to Later Depression, Suicide Attempts

Feb 16, 2019 , MedicineNet
Title: Teen Pot Use Linked to Later Depression, Suicide AttemptsCategory: Health NewsCreated: 2/13/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 2/14/2019 12:00:00...
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Research Roundup: Spending On Elderly Patients; Suicide; And Race And Health Coverage

Feb 15, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Each week, KHN compiles a selection of recently released health policy studies and...
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Teen Pot Use Raises Later Suicide Risk

Feb 14, 2019 , WebMD
Not only were those who smoked marijuana more likely to suffer depression and suicidal thoughts, they were also more than three times as likely to attempt suicide between the ages of 18 and...
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Another Winter Storm Is Coming. Here's How It Can Affect Your Mental Health.

Feb 13, 2019 , Forbes
Extreme heat has been linked to higher rates of suicide and even violent crime, while cold weather can worsen...
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Facebook screens posts for suicide risk, and health experts have concerns

Feb 12, 2019 , CNN Health
A pair of public health experts has called for Facebook to be more transparent in the way it screens posts for suicide risk and to follow certain ethical guidelines, including informed consent among users....
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Global Rate of Suicide Deaths Is on the Decline

Feb 10, 2019 , MedicineNet
Title: Global Rate of Suicide Deaths Is on the DeclineCategory: Health NewsCreated: 2/7/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 2/8/2019 12:00:00...
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More youth suicides seen in states with high gun ownership rates

Feb 09, 2019 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - Youth suicides happen more often in U.S. states with high rates of household gun ownership, a recent study found....
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Global Rate of Suicide Deaths Is on the Decline

Feb 08, 2019 , WebMD
Only further study can determine whether the decline is due to better suicide prevention efforts or to general improvements in population health, the researchers...
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Global rates of suicide death have fallen by a third since 1990, study finds

Feb 07, 2019 , CNN Health
The total number of global deaths from suicide increased annually from 762,000 to 817,000 between the years 1990 and 2016, a new study finds....
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Why Do Some Mental Health Treatments Work?: $200 Million Grant Aims To Help Neuroscientists Unlock The Mysteries

Feb 02, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Scientists plan to use the money from Wellcome Trust to look for the "magic ingredient'' in the brain that makes treatments successful for some patients, according to Dr. Leanne Williams, a Stanford neuroscientist. Mental health news also focuses on anxiety drug shortage; questions about Facebook monitoring potential suicides; the downside of therapy apps and...
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Suicide-risk screening might cut deaths among incarcerated youth

Feb 01, 2019 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - Teens and young men in correctional facilities are at increased risk of dying by suicide, but they are otherwise fairly similar to unincarcerated youth who take their own lives, a U.S. study suggests....
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Teens' Odds for Suicide May Triple While in Jail: Study

Jan 27, 2019 , MedicineNet
Title: Teens' Odds for Suicide May Triple While in Jail: StudyCategory: Health NewsCreated: 1/24/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 1/25/2019 12:00:00...
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Young Man’s Suicide Following Stint At Rikers Island Shines Light On Mental Health Crisis In Prisons

Jan 26, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Kalief Browder, who was accused of stealing a backpack, spent three years on Rikers Island without being tried or convicted—and about two of those years were spent in solitary confinement. New York City has reached a $3.3 million settlement with his family. “There is no reason he should have gone through this ordeal,” NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “and his tragic death is a reminder that we must continue to work each day to provide the mental health services so many New Yorkers...
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Suicide risk rises in year following cancer diagnosis

Jan 25, 2019 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - Although cancer survival rates have greatly improved in recent decades, a diagnosis with certain types of cancer can still be upsetting enough to increase a patient's risk of suicide, a U.S. study suggests....
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Youth Suicide Rates Up In States Where Gun Ownership Is High, 10-Year Study Finds

Jan 19, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
The lowest rates are reported in states where the average household gun ownership was 20 percent. Rates are highest in states with 52.5 percent ownership. News on mental health comes out of Minnesota, Virginia, Iowa and Texas,...
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Cancer Diagnosis May Quadruple Suicide Risk

Jan 19, 2019 , MedicineNet
Title: Cancer Diagnosis May Quadruple Suicide RiskCategory: Health NewsCreated: 1/16/2019 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 1/17/2019 12:00:00...
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Viewpoints: Soaring Veteran Suicide Rate Is A National Scandal; Shutdown Complicates Cancer Treatments

Jan 17, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Editorial writers focus on these health care topics and...
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No quick fix for physician burnout, depression

Jan 17, 2019 , Reuters
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Close to 44 percent of U.S. physicians are burned out, and 15 percent are depressed and thinking about suicide, according to a survey conducted by Medscape....
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Counting Number Of Mutations In Tumor Cells Can Predict How Well Patient Will Respond To Immunotherapy

Jan 16, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
If the results hold up, they could spare many patients from suffering the severe side effects of these drugs with nothing to show for it. In other public health news: transplants, twins, biological weapons, suicides, stillborns, and more....
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Parents often don't know when teens have suicidal thoughts

Jan 15, 2019 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - Three in four parents are unaware when their teens have recurrent thoughts about suicide, and a big part of the problem may be that adolescents often deny feeling this way, a U.S. study suggests....
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