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Is Daily Vitamin D a Lifesaver for COPD Patients?

Jan 12, 2019 , WebMD
Taking vitamin D supplements was associated with a 45 percent reduction in lung attacks among patients who were deficient in vitamin D, but there was no reduction among patients with higher vitamin D levels, the investigators...
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Doctor lays out need-to-know basics on vitamins, supplements

Jan 11, 2019 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - Most people don't need to take vitamins or nutritional supplements because they can get all the nutrients they need by eating a healthy diet, a new patient resource published in JAMA Internal Medicine underscores....
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Genetic Childhood Disorders Show Up In 9% Of Healthy Babies Who Get DNA Tests, But Debate Remains Over Screening

Jan 05, 2019 , Kaiser Health News
Researchers hail the latest findings, saying it's important to get out in front of health problems and inform personalized care. But skeptics remain and few parents seem interested. Public health news also focuses on longevity secrets, respect for seniors, tips to staying on the Mediterranean diet and the continuing debate on fish oil...
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Our Bodies May Cure Themselves Of Diabetes In The Future

Jan 05, 2019 , NewsLine - Healthcare Professionals
Diabetes is caused by damaged or non-existing insulin cells inability to produce insulin, a hormone that is necessary in regulating blood sugar levels. Many diabetes patients take insulin supplements to regulate these levels. In collaboration with other international researchers, researchers at the......
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FDA: CBD still illegal in food, supplements

Dec 22, 2018 , Drug Store News - Retail
With the Farm Bill signed, the Food and Drug Administration reiterated its authority to regulate products containing cannabis or cannabis-derived ingredients. Read More...
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FDA weighs legalizing interstate sales of cannabis-based CBD in food and drinks

Dec 21, 2018 , CNBC Health
Currently, FDA rules prohibit companies from adding CBD and THC to food, drinks and supplements and from making any therapeutic claims about their...
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CRN applauds FDA’s new dietary supplement working group

Dec 18, 2018 , Drug Store News - Retail
A new Food and Drug Administration working group will re-examine policies for dietary supplements. Read More...
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CRN: Farm Bill offers promise for hemp, lacks VMS SNAP measure

Dec 18, 2018 , Drug Store News - Retail
Pleased that The Farm Bill includes the Hemp Farming Act, the Council for Responsible Nutrition noted its disappointment that it omits the SNAP Vitamin and Supplements Improvement Act. Read More...
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Why Regulation Alone May Not Solve For Unsafe Supplements In The Supply Chain

Dec 18, 2018 , Forbes
Many leeways exist that allow companies to put unsafe supplement products on the market. That has to change, and while part of the solution may involve government regulation, there are other—potentially more effective—routes to...
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VMS trade orgs open registration for regulatory summit

Dec 04, 2018 , Drug Store News - Retail
The Dietary Supplements Regulatory Summit — a collaboration between five supplement trade organizations — will be held May 14, 2019 at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C., Read More...
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FDA cracks down on tianeptine claims

Nov 27, 2018 , Drug Store News - Retail
The Food and Drug Administration last week issued warning letters to two companies that the agency said were illegally marketing products containing tianeptine as dietary supplements — a move that the Council for Responsible Nutrition applauded. Read More...
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Cardon Children's Medical Center

‘Magical Thinking’ About Vitamin D’s Effect On Cancer And Fish Oil’s Effect On Heart Health Upended In Sweeping Study

Nov 13, 2018 , Kaiser Health News
Although both Vitamin D and fish oil drugs have gained popularity recently, a massive study found that healthy people who take the supplements do not lower cancer rates nor do they reduce the rate of major cardiovascular...
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Fish oil cuts heart attack risk, vitamin D lowers odds of cancer death

Nov 13, 2018 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - A large U.S. study designed to gauge the health benefits of vitamin D and fish oil supplements concludes that the omega-3 oil can dramatically reduce the odds of a heart attack while vitamin D's benefits seem to come from lowering the risk of death from cancer....
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Vitamin D, omega-3 supplements do not prevent cancer or heart disease, study says

Nov 11, 2018 , CNN Health
Vitamin D and omega-3 supplements do not prevent cancer or heart disease, a new study finds, the latest in the years-long debate over their benefits....
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Garden of Life, Alicia Silverstone launch mykind Organics Herbals

Nov 02, 2018 , Drug Store News - Retail
Garden of Life partnered with actress, best-selling author and health advocate Alicia Silverstone, co-created a line of herbal supplements that are Certified U.S.DA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and gluten-free and vegan. Read More...
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Many Supplements Still Contain Dangerous Stimulants: Study

Oct 25, 2018 , MedicineNet
Title: Many Supplements Still Contain Dangerous Stimulants: StudyCategory: Health NewsCreated: 10/22/2018 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 10/23/2018 12:00:00...
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Study: Risky Stimulants Still in Many Supplements

Oct 23, 2018 , WebMD
Between 2013 and 2016, the FDA found that supplement brands contained one or more of four unapproved stimulants. Despite public notice warnings from the agency, three-quarters of the supplements still contained at least one prohibited stimulant in 2017. And half contained two or...
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The Cure to Aging Could Be Hiding in Plain Sight

Oct 22, 2018 , Forbes
From supplements to cosmetics, Americans spend billions searching for an elusive fountain of youth. The more we learn about the molecular functioning of our body, the more we realize the cure to aging may be hiding in plain...
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Many Supplements Contain Unapproved, Dangerous Ingredients: Study

Oct 16, 2018 , MedicineNet
Title: Many Supplements Contain Unapproved, Dangerous Ingredients: StudyCategory: Health NewsCreated: 10/12/2018 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 10/15/2018 12:00:00...
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Unapproved, Sometimes Dangerous Drugs Found In Dietary Supplements

Oct 16, 2018 , Kaiser Health News
The research most commonly turned up the drug sold as Viagra in the supplements. Despite what consumers may think, the supplements are actually regulated as food and therefore not subject to premarket safety and effectiveness testing imposed on...
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