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WHO uncovers big national variations in antibiotics consumption

Nov 13, 2018 , Reuters
Antibiotics are used far more in some countries than in others, a survey by the World Health Organization showed on Monday, suggesting that urgent action was needed to slash unnecessary consumption of the medicines....
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What You Need To Know About The Affordable Care Act This Open Enrollment Season

Nov 12, 2018 , Forbes
Policygenius's recent Affordable Care Act survey shows that even eight years later, there's much confusion around the law. For some demographics, this makes an already confusing topic more challenging. Learn how to get the most accurate information for the state of your health and your...
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Fewer Smoke or Drink in Pregnancy But More Use Pot

Nov 07, 2018 , WebMD
A national survey of pregnant women found that many fewer were smoking cigarettes and slightly fewer were drinking alcohol, but the percentage who used pot...
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4 Terms That Americans Don't Understand, But The Healthcare Industry Uses Anyway

Nov 07, 2018 , Forbes
A survey asked 2,000 Americans to define four common healthcare terms. Only 4% got all four...
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Survey: The high cost of workplace communication screwups

Nov 07, 2018 , Healthcare Comm.
Drunken reply-alls. Disastrous texting typos. Expletive-laced emails to the wrong recipient. Workers share their most humiliating messaging...
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Families often share potentially dangerous antibiotics: study

Nov 07, 2018 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - A substantial proportion of parents confessed to giving their children antibiotics that had been prescribed for someone else, according to survey results presented by U.S. researchers at the American Academy of Pediatrics conference in Orlando, Florida....
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Survey: Retail clinic visits drive in-store purchases

Nov 06, 2018 , Drug Store News - Retail
A new survey from data science firm Civis Analytics takes a look at the impact of retail clinic patients on retail sales and patient satisfaction. Read More...
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Many U.S. Parents Share Leftover Antibiotics: Survey

Nov 04, 2018 , MedicineNet
Title: Many U.S. Parents Share Leftover Antibiotics: SurveyCategory: Health NewsCreated: 11/2/2018 12:00:00 AMLast Editorial Review: 11/2/2018 12:00:00...
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Stork Ib2C survey finds need for fertility alternatives

Nov 03, 2018 , Drug Store News - Retail
The Stork is a low-cost option that involves no shots, scans or prescriptions, and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration, the company said. Read More...
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Healthcare M&A activity expected to be flat or down in 2019

Nov 03, 2018 , Modern Healthcare Breaking News
Almost 60% of healthcare executives responding to a survey said healthcare M&A activity will either stay the same or decline next year, according to Capital One...
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Survey: Pharmacists want to counsel patients, build provider relationships

Nov 03, 2018 , Drug Store News - Retail
AmerisourceBergen's Pharmacy Check-Up survey finds that pharmacists want to spend more time counseling patients and building relationships with providers. Read More...
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Survey: Many Parents Share Leftover Antibiotics

Nov 03, 2018 , WebMD
In a recent survey, about 48 percent of parents said they'd kept leftover antibiotics rather than properly dispose of them, and instead gave them to siblings, unrelated children and unrelated...
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Survey: Holiday shoppers prefer free over fast shipping

Nov 02, 2018 , Drug Store News - Retail
According to Deloitte’s 33rd annual Holiday Survey, holiday shoppers are hooked on fast and free shipping, and 88% of respondents prefer free shipping over receiving their packages faster. Read More...
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Many women over 50 have leaky bladders, most don't seek treatment

Nov 02, 2018 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - Nearly half of women over age 50 report bladder leakage and many say it's a major problem for them, according to a new U.S. survey....
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How To Protect Healthcare IoT Devices In A Zero Trust World

Nov 01, 2018 , Forbes
18% of healthcare employees are willing to sell confidential data to unauthorized parties for as little as $500 to $1,000, and 24% of employees know of someone who has sold privileged credentials to outsiders, according to a recent Accenture...
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Generation Z reported the most mental health problems

Oct 31, 2018 , CNN Health
Many members of Generation Z -- young people between 15 and 21 -- have taken more active roles in political activism this year, and a new survey indicates that the state of the nation is to blame for this generation's stress levels....
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4 in 10 Believe Alternative Therapies Cure Cancer

Oct 31, 2018 , WebMD
In a survey for the nation’s cancer doctors, 39 percent of respondents said they believe cancer can be cured using just alternative therapies, such as enzyme and oxygen therapy, diet, vitamins and...
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Few smokers know about added sugar in cigarettes

Oct 27, 2018 , Reuters
(Reuters Health) - Very few smokers know there is sugar added to cigarettes, a new survey suggests....
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Students experienced trauma symptoms after Trump's election

Oct 27, 2018 , CNN Health
The 2016 election was psychologically traumatic for some, according to a new study published in the Journal of American College Health. It found that 1 out of 4 students surveyed experienced clinically significant event-related distress short term....
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Nearly half of hospices surveyed might not survive a federal audit

Oct 25, 2018 , Modern Healthcare Breaking News
Forty-six percent of hospices surveyed said they aren't confident that they could sustain the financial impact of a federal audit, primarily due to poor clinical documentation...
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